Additive Group of Real Numbers is Not Isomorphic to Multiplicative Group of Real Numbers

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Let $\struct {\R, +}$ denote the additive group of real numbers.

Let $\struct {\R_{\ne 0}, \times}$ denote the multiplicative group of real numbers.

Then $\struct {\R, +}$ is not isomorphic to $\struct {\R_{\ne 0}, \times}$.

Proof 1

Consider the element $-1 \in \struct {\R_{\ne 0}, \times}$.

We have that:

$-1 \times -1 = 1$

From Real Multiplication Identity is One it follows that $-1$ is of order $2$ in $\struct {\R_{\ne 0}, \times}$.

From Order of Isomorphic Image of Group Element, it is sufficient to demonstrate that there exists no element of order $2$ in $\struct {\R, +}$.

From Real Addition Identity is Zero, that means finding $x$ such that $x + x = 0$.


$x + x = 0 \implies x = 0$

and as $0$ is the identity of $\struct {\R, +}$, there is indeed no element of order $2$ in $\struct {\R, +}$.

It follows from Order of Isomorphic Image of Group Element.


Proof 2

From Real Numbers form Field, $\struct {\R, +, \times}$ forms a field.

The result then follows as an example of Additive Group and Multiplicative Group of Field are not Isomorphic.