Biconditional Elimination/Proof Rule/Technical Note

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Technical Note on Biconditional Elimination

When invoking Biconditional Elimination in a tableau proof, use the {{BiconditionalElimination}} template:

{{BiconditionalElimination|line|pool|statement|depend|1 or 2}}


{{BiconditionalElimination|line|pool|statement|depend|1 or 2|comment}}


line is the number of the line on the tableau proof where Biconditional Elimination is to be invoked
pool is the pool of assumptions (comma-separated list)
statement is the statement of logic that is to be displayed in the Formula column, without the $ ... $ delimiters
depend is the line of the tableau proof upon which this line directly depends
1 or 2 should hold 1 for BiconditionalElimination_1, and 2 for BiconditionalElimination_2
comment is the (optional) comment that is to be displayed in the Notes column.