Book:A.M. Yaglom/Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions/Volume II

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A.M. Yaglom and I.M. Yaglom: Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions: Volume II

Published $\text {1967}$, Holden-Day

ISBN 0-486-65537-7

Unaltered, unabridged reprint issued by Dover Publications in 1987.


Preface to the American Edition
Suggestions for Using the Book
I. Points and Lines
II. Lattices of Points in the Plane
III. Topology
IV. A Property of the Reciprocals of Integers
V. Convex Polygons
VI. Some Properties of Sequences of Integers
VII. Distribution of Objects
VIII. Nondecimal Counting
IX. Polynomials with Minimum Deviation from Zero (Tchebychev Polynomials)
X. Four Formulas for $\pi$
XI. The Calculation of Areas of Regions Bounded by Curves
XII. Some Remarkable Limits
XIII. The Theory of Primes
Hints and Answers