Book:Albert Einstein/Investigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement

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Albert Einstein: Investigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement

Published $\text {1926}$, Methuen and Co., Ltd. (translated by A.D. Cowper)

Subject Matter


I. On the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in a Stationary Liquid Demanded by the Molecular-kinetic Theory of Heat
$\S$ 1. On the Osmotic Pressure to be Ascribed to the Suspended Particles
$\S$ 2. The Osmotic Pressure from the Standpoint of the Molecular-kinetic Theory of Heat
$\S$ 3. Theory of the Diffusion of Small Spheres in Suspension
$\S$ 4. On the Irregular Movement of Particles Suspended in a Liquid and the Relation of this to Diffusion
$\S$ 5. Formula for the Mean Displacement of Suspended Particles. A New Method of Determining the Real Size of the Atom
II. On the Theory of the Brownian Movement
$\S$ 1. On a Case of Thermodynamic Equilibrium
$\S$ 2. Examples of Application of the Equation obtained in $\S$ 1
$\S$ 3. On the Changes in the Parameter $a$ brought about by the Thermal Motion
$\S$ 4. Application of the Equation derived, to the Brownian Motion
$\S$ 5. On the Limits of Application of the Formula for $\sqrt{\overline{\Delta^2}}$
III. A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions
$\S$ 1. On the Effect on the Motion of a Liquid of a very small Sphere Suspended in it
$\S$ 2. Calculation of the Viscosity-coefficient of a Liquid in which a large number of small Spheres are Suspended in Irregular Distribution
$\S$ 3. On the Volume of a Dissolved Substance of Molecular Volume large in Comparison with that of the Solvent
$\S$ 4. On the Diffusion of an Undissociated Substance in Solution in a Liquid
$\S$ 5. Determination of Molecular Dimensions with the help of the Relations already obtained
IV. Theoretical Observations on the Brownian Motion
V. Elementary Theory of the Brownian Motion
$\S$ 1. Diffusion and Osmotic Pressure
$\S$ 2. Diffusion and Irregular Motion of the Molecules
$\S$ 3. Movement of Single Molecules: Brownian Motion