Book:Alfred E. Holbrow/Geometrical Drawing/Twelfth Edition

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Alfred E. Holbrow: Geometrical Drawing and its Practical Applications (12th Edition)

Published $\text {1944}$, George Gill & Sons, Ltd..

Subject Matter


Preface -- Second Edition

Plane Geometry

Section I. -- Introduction.
Section II. -- Lines and Angles
Section III. -- Division of Lines, and Construction of Scales
Section IV. -- Triangles
Section V. -- Quadrilaterals
Section VI. -- Polygons
Section VII. -- Areas
Section VIII. -- Circles and Lines
Section IX. -- The Ellipse
Section X. -- Inscribed and Circumscribing Figures
Section XI. -- Copying, Enlarging and Reducing
Section XII. -- Geometrical Ornament

Solid Geometry

Section XIII. -- Solids and Simple Projection
Section XIV. -- Auxiliary Views and Sections
Section XV. -- Pictorial Projection
Section XVI. -- Workshop Drawings
Section XVII. -- Points, Lines and Planes