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Andrew Gray and G.B. Mathews: A Treatise on Bessel Functions and their Applications to Physics

Published $\text {1895}$, Dover Publications, Inc.

Subject Matter


Chapter I: Introductory
Chapter II: Solution of the Differential Equation
Chapter III: Other Bessel Functions and Related Functions
Chapter IV: Functions of Integral Order. Expansions in Series of Bessel Functions
Chapter V: Definite Integral Expressions for the Bessel Functions. Asymptotic Expansions
Chapter VI: Definite Integrals Involving Bessel Functions
Chapter VII: The Zeros of the Bessel Functions
Chapter VIII: Fourier-Bessel Expansions and Integrals
Chapter IX: Relations between Bessel Functions and Legendre Functions. Green's Function
Chapter X: Vibration of Membranes
Chapter XI: Hydrodynamics
Chapter XII: Steady Flow of Electricity or of Heat in Uniform Isotropic Media
Chapter XIII: Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves Along Wires
Chapter XIV: Diffraction
Chapter XV: Equilibrium of an Isotropic Rod of Circular Section
Chapter XVI: Miscellaneous Applications
Miscellaneous Examples
Appendix I: Formulae for the Gamma Function and the Hypergeometric Function
Appendix II: Stokes' Method of obtaining the Asymptotic Expansion of the Bessel Functions
Appendix III: Formulae for Calculation of the Zeros of the Bessel Functions
Explanation of the Tables

Further Editions