Book:Boris A. Kordemsky/The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations

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Boris A. Kordemsky: The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations

Published $\text {1972}$ (translated by Albert Parry).
Translated from:

Математическая смекалка

Subject Matter


Introduction (by Martin Gardner)
$\text {I}$. Amusing Problems
$\text {II}$. Difficult Problems
$\text {III}$. Geometry with Matches
$\text {IV}$. Measure Seven Times Before You Cut
$\text {V}$. Skill will Find Its Application Everywhere
$\text {VI}$. Dominoes and Dice
$\text {VII}$. Properties of Nine
$\text {VIII}$. With Algera and without It
$\text {IX}$. Mathematics with Almost No Calculations
$\text {X}$. Mathematical Games and Tricks
$\text {XI}$. Divisibility
$\text {XII}$. Cross Sums and Magic Squares
$\text {XIII}$. Numbers Curious and Serious
$\text {XIV}$. Numbers Ancient but Eternally Young


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