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Calvin C. Clawson: Mathematical Mysteries

Published $\text {1996}$, Springer

ISBN 978-0-306-45404-2.


Chapter $1$: Discover of the Number Sequence
Chapter $2$: Numbers and the Occult
Chapter $3$: Sequences and Series
Chapter $4$: The Family of Numbers
Chapter $5$: Story for a Rich Man
Chapter $6$: Exotic Connections
Chapter $7$: Closing in on the Primes
Chapter $8$: Primes in Depth
Chapter $9$: Primes and Secret Codes
Chapter $10$: The Remarkable Ramanujan
Chapter $11$: Ramanujan's Equations
Chapter $12$: Goldbach's Conjecture
Chapter $13$: Deepest Mysteries
Chapter $14$: Into the Stratosphere
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