Book:Claude Berge/Programming, Games and Transportation Networks

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Claude Berge and A. Ghouila-Houri: Programming, Games and Transportation Networks

Published $1965$, Methuen and Co. Ltd. (translated by Maxine Merrington and C. Ramanujacharyulu).
Translated from:

Programmes, Jeux et Réseaux de Transport

Subject Matter


Translator's Note
Part I: General Theory of Convex Programming (by A. Ghouila-Houri)
1. Preliminary ideas: sets, vector spaces
2. Preliminary ideas: topological properties of the space $\R^n$
3. Properties of complex sets and functions in the space $\R^n$
4. Programming and associated problems
5. Convex programmes with linear constraints
6. Games of strategy
Bibliography to Part I

Part II: Problems of Transportation and of Potential (by Claude Berge)
7. Cycles and coboundaries of a graph
8. General study of flows and potential differences
9. Flow algorithms
10. Problems related to the transportation problem
Bibliography to Part II