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David Acheson: 1089 and all that

Published $\text {2002}$, Oxford

ISBN 0-19-851623-1

Subject Matter

  • A step-by-step buildup, at an elementary level, to a fully-explained demonstration of Euler's Identity $e^{i\pi} = -1$.


1 1089 and All That
2 'In Love with Geometrie'
3 But ... that's Absurd ...
4 The Trouble with Algebra
5 The Heavens in Motion
6 All Change!
7 On Being as Small as Possible
8 'Are We Nearly There?'
9 A Brief History of $\pi$
10 Good Vibrations
11 Great Mistakes
12 What is the Secret of All Life?
13 $e = 2.718 \ldots$
14 Chaos and Catastrophe
15 Not Quite the Indian Rope Trick
16 Real or Imaginary?
Suggestions for Further Reading
The 1089 and All That Website
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Critical View

One of the best books ever.