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Dennis Shasha: Codes, Puzzles, and Conspiracy

Published $\text {1992}$, W.H. Freeman and Company

ISBN 0-7167-2314-X.


The Coded Letter
1. The Letter
Armada at Moher
2. Running Bulls
3. Humpty Dumpty at the Irish Cliffs
4. El Casino
5. Greed and Getaways
6. Museum Tour
The Genius of Georgetown
7. Musical Messages
8. Elves Flip
9. A Problem of Protocol
10. Tropical Antarctica
11. 100-Day Rockets
12. Three-Finger Shooting
Justifying the Means
13. Sand Magic
14. Signals and Echoes
15. The Territory Game
16. Drugs and Interdiction
Jungle Killers
17. Amazon Exchange
18. Mutual Admiration
Double Escape
19. The Octopelago Problem
20. MicroAir
21. Personals
22. Shark Labyrinth
23. A Question of Inheritance
24. The Toxicologist's Puzzle
Battle for a Continent
25. How to Steal a Submarine
26. Missile Roulette
27. Finding the Target
Uneasy Peace
28. Epidemologists
29. MarsRail
30. The Prince's Problem
31. Oil and Water
32. Pomp But No Power?
33. Power Grab
A Secret Society
34. Odd Voters
35. Polling the Oddists
36. The Hokkaido Post Office Problem
37. Joining the Oddists
38. Oddist Summer Training
Concentric Conspiracies
39. Plea from a Fugitive
40. The Prosecution Makes Its Case
41. Friends in High Places
42. Nightly News
43. Television Treason
44. Peirce's Beanbag
45. Three Notes
Solutions to the Puzzles


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