Book:Edwin A. Abbott/Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions

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Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions

Published $\text {1884}$.

Published under the pseudonym A Square.


1 Of the Nature of Flatland
2 Of the Climate and Houses in Flatland
3 Concerning the Inhabitants of Flatland
4 Concerning the Women
5 Of our Methods in Recognizing one another
6 Of Recognition by Sight
7 Concerning Irregular Figures
8 Of the Ancient Practice of Painting
9 Of the Universal Colour Bill
10 Of the Suppression of the Chromatic Sedition
11 Concerning our Priests
12 Of the Doctrine of our Priests
13 How I had a Vision of Lineland
14 How I vainly tried to explain the nature of Flatland
15 Concerning a Stranger from Spaceland
16 How the Stranger vainly endeavoured to reveal to me in words the mysteries of Spaceland
17 How the Sphere, having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds
18 How I came to Spaceland and what I saw there
19 How, though the Sphere shewed me other mysteries of Spaceland, I still desired more; and what came of it
20 How the Sphere encouraged me in a Vision
21 How I tried to teach the Theory of Three dimension to my Grandson, and with what success
22 How I then tried to diffuse the Theory on Three Dimensions by other means, and of the result

Further Editions