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Fayssal Benkhaldoun and Roland Vilsmeier: Finite Volumes for Complex Applications: Problems and Perspectives

Published $\text {1996}$, Hermes

ISBN 2-86601-556-8


Editor's preface
Invited speakers
Rough schemes for complex hyperbolic systems
T. Gallouët
Fast solver for unstructured finite volume methods
A. Dervieux, J. Francescatto, G. Carré
Weighted particle - finite volume hybrid schemes
J.-P. Vila
A comparison of smoothers and numbering strategies for laminar flow around a cylinder
H. Rentz-Reichert, G. Wittum
Finite volume methods for conservation laws and convection nominal diffusion equations
T. Geßner, D. Kröner, B. Schupp, M. Wierse
Large scale computations on unstructured grids
N.P. Weatherill, O. Hassan, K. Morgan, M.J. Marchant
Simulation of turbulent flows for complex geometries
M. Meinke, A. Abdelfattah, Th. Rister, C. Schulz
Finite volume methods for 3D two-phase flow calculations
I. Toumi, D. Caruge
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Numerical Analysis
First and second order schemes for a hyperbolic equation: convergence and error estimate
C. Chainais-Hillairet
Convergence of finite volumes schemes for an elliptic-hyperbolic system with boundary conditions
M.-H. Vignal
Finite volume methods for diffusion convection equations on general meshes
R. Herbin
Convergence of a finite volume scheme for a diffusion problem
Y. Coudière, J.-P. Vila, P. Villedieu
A posteriori error estimate for some finite volume schemes
A. Agouzal, J.-F. Maitre, F. Oudin
The mixed finite volume elements $ELRT_0 (V_i)$
D. Esselaoui, Y. Loukili
Causes and cure of unfavourable behaviour at low mach number for an implicit upwind scheme
C. Viozat
Fourth-order dissipation on unstructured stretched meshes for convection diffusion problems
K. Mer
Control volume technique based on the non-centered Padé-type differences
V.A. Garanzha
A novel technique for constructing skew very high resolution schemes
F. Moukalled, M. Darwish
Relations between FEM and FVM
R. Vanselow
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of two-fluid models
I. Tiselj, S. Petelin
Finite volume methods for reaction-diiffusion problems
R.D. Lazarov, I.D. Mishev
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Innovative schemes
Problems with heterogeneous and non-isotropic media or distorted grids
J. Hyman, M. Shashkov, S. Steinberg
A new method of construction of adjoint gradients and divergences on logically rectangular smooth grids
N. Robidoux
Numerical modelling of compressible gas-solid two-phase flows
L. Combe, J.-M. Hérard
TVD and ENO schemes for multidimensional steady and unsteady flows. A comparative analysis
P. Angot, J. Fürst, K. Kozel
Aligned 3D-finite-volumes for convection-diffusion problems
K. Johanssen
Mid-edge box-schemes for hyperbolic PDEs
F. Alcrudo, J.-J. Chattot
On the use of Crocco's relation in wall boundary treatment
G. Fernandez, N. Balakrishnan
Mixed finite-difference, finite volume implicit TVD scheme for computation of transonic flows
A. Sedaghat, S. Shahpar, I.-M. Hall
MEL simulation for transport problems with spatial velocity distribution
N. Bentoudja, D. Ouazar, S. Sorek, E. Esselaoui
Numerical modelling of turburlent compressible flows using second order models
G. Brun, J.-M. Hérard, L. Leal de Sousa, M. Uhlmann
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New fields of application
A finite volume projection method for the numerical solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on triangular grids
N. Botta, D. Hempel
A new mixed finite volume method for drift-diffusion models in semiconductors
R. Sacco, F. Saleri
A new approach of finite volumes adapted to a convex polygonal mesh
S. Mottet, C. Simon
Modeling ozone depletion in the Arctic polar vortex during the winter 1995 using a high resolution model: the effect of mixing
S. Edouard
Numerical problems encountered in the finite volume modeling of low pressure reacting flows
M.-J. Commandre-Vignes, J.-N. Baléo
Problems of modelling of dynamics and deposition of dust particles in two-phase turbulent flows
L.-I. Zaichik, V.-A. Pershukov, V.-D. Goryachev
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Limits of methods and errors
A critical review of high-order accurate finite volume ENO-schemes
L. Lumpp
Influence of the convection scheme on the solution of the pressure correction equation using GMRES with short restart
V. Botte, A. Tourlidakis, R.-L. Elder
A mixed FE-FV algorithm for fast-transient dynamic analysis
S. V. Potapov
Finite volume discretizations of density driven flows in porous media
P. Frolkovic
A comparison of different solution procedures for compressible viscous flows
J.-S. Cheong, H.-J. Dohmen, H. Simon
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Complexity and large computations
A strongly implicit finite volume method for complex turbulent flows
G. Barakos, D. Drikakis
A parallel finite volume solver for large-scale simulation of buoyant flows
D. Bandelli, E. Nobile, L. Onesti
Computation of the trajectory of an immersed body by solving the coupled Navier-Stokes and rigid body dynamics equations
J.-M. Le Gouez, C. de Jouette, M.-C. Rouault, M. Arnaud
Finite volumes for 3D compressible turbulent flows using high-order schemes
G. Zhang, D. N. Assanis
Finite-volume solutions of 3-dimensional shock-vortex-boundary layer interaction flowfields
K. Matsuno, N. Satofuka, T. Araga
Large eddy simulation of a turbulent planar jet
C. Weinberger, J. Janicka
Transient flow numerical simulation in a wind tunnel
M. Cardoso, Y. Burtschell, M.-C. Druguet, D. Zeitoun
A non structured finite volume algorithm for the numerical simulation of reactive turbulent flows
A Ben Taïb
Turbulent flow by an implicit finite volume scheme
A. Nebbache, A. Saowab, D. Vandromme
Numerical solution of 2D and 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes equations using cell centered and cell vertex methods
F. Jaroslav, F. Magda, H. Jan, H. Milos, K. Karel
A finite volume approach for calculation of viscoelastic flow of White-Metzner fluid
S. Raghay, A. Hakim
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Finite volumes for water waves
Numerical model of pseudo steady flows in estuarine open channel networks using finite volume and finite element methods
K. Unami, T. Kawachi, H. Okumura, K. Hiramatsu
Implementation of topography in Ocean models: a shaved cell approach on an unstaggered grid
T. Landenfeld, J. Marshall, L. Perelman
OOVFM for flood wave propagation
B. Ech-Cherif El Kettani, D. Ouazar, F. Benkhaldoun, J.-P. Pécuchet,M. Itmi
Application of an improved MAC methods (SIMAC) to some water waves problems
V. Armenio, M. Favretto
A two-dimensional flux-limited advection scheme for tracking free surfaces
W. Rumold, W. O. Schiehen
An efficient upwind scheme with finite volumes of the edge-type for the bidimensional shallow water equations
M. Elena Vasquez
Dam break wave simulation
N. Goutal, F. Maurel
A nine-point finite volume Roe scheme for shallow water equations coupled to pollutant transport including source terms
M. Chakir, F. Benkhaldoun, L. Monthe, D. Ouazah, A. Belghit
A reliable and accurate technique for modelling complex open channel flows
P.-A. Sleigh, P.-H. Gaskell, M. Berzins
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Complex geometries and adaptivity
Study of unsteady viscous flows with shock waves using adaptive-grid solvers
D. Drikakis, D. Ofenheim
Finite volume adaptive mesh refinement algorithm for gas dynamics and MHD problems
S. Semushin
Finite volume methods on unstructured meshes for compressible flows
P. Angot, Vit Dolejsi
Finite volume algorithms on arbitrary grids for aerodynamic and hydrodynamic applications
B. K. Soni, R. P. Koomullil, J.J. Liu
Anisotropic mesh-refinement techniques for structured grids
C.-H. Thill, D. Hänel
Finite volumes and mesh refinement for the simulation of semiconductor devices
C. Simon, S. Mottet
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Stiff systems with source terms
Riemann solver for compressible combustion codes
P. Jenny, B. Müller, H. Thomann
Stiff problems in thermofluid dynamic using finite volume methods
M. El Ganaoui,Ph. Larroudé, L Elena, D. Morvan, R. Schiestel, P. Bontoux
Numerical simulation of the deflagration to detonation transition
T. Parra, P.-B. Butler, F. Castro, M.-A. Rodriguez
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