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G. Stephenson: Mathematical Methods for Science Students (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1973}$, Longman

ISBN 0 582 44416 0


Preface to the First Edition (1960)
Preface to the Second Edition (1973)
1. Real Numbers and Functions of a Real Variable
2. Inequalities
3. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
4. Indefinite, Definite and Improper Integrals
5. Convergence of Infinite Series
6. Taylor and Maclaurin Series
7. Complex Variable
8. Hyperbolic Functions
9. Partial Differentiation
10. Differentiation and Integration of Integrals
11. Elliptic Integrals
12. Line Integrals and Multiple Integrals
13. Gamma-Function and Related Integrals
14. Numerical Integration
15. Fourier Series
16. Determinants
17. Matrices
18. Groups
19. Vectors
20. Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations
21. Ordinary Differential Equations
22. Series Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
23. The Laplace Transformation
24. Partial Differential Equations
25. Calculus of Variations
26. Difference Equations
27. Simple Integral Equations
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