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George Gamow and Marvin Stern: Puzzle-Math

Published $\text {1958}$, Macmillan & Co Ltd

ISBN 0-226-28254-6.


Prologue: How This Book Came into Being
1. The Great Sultan
Twelve in One
A Family Problem
Forty Unfaithful Wives
The Date of the Hanging
Abdul's Second Ordeal
Horse Race in Reverse
2. Gamblin' Sam
Cards in a Hat
Random Probability
Matching Pennies
Tennis Tournament
One-Sided Game
3. The Railroad Man
Passing Trains
Overlapping Trains
The Bumblebee
The Carrier Pigeons
Daylight Saving
4. Travel Is So Broadening
Three Soot-Smeared Faces
A Kiss in the Dark
Bread Rationing
5. Young Nicholas
Domino Game
Diagonal Strings
6. The Yacht Club
Windless Sails
Boat and Bottle
Gin and Tonic
The Barge in the Lock
7. Aeronautica
Against the Wind
Homing Missiles
Epilogue: The Moral