Book:George Leitmann/The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control

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George Leitmann: The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control

Published $\text {1981}$, Springer Science + Business Media

ISBN 978-0306407079

Subject Matter


Symbols and Notation

Part 1. Calculus of Variations

1. Introduction
2. Problem Statement and Necessary Conditions for an Extremum
3. Integration of the Euler - Lagrange Equation
4. An Inverse Problem
5. The Weierstrass Necessary Condition
6. Jacobi's Necessary Condition
7. Corner Conditions
8. Concluding Remarks

Part II. Optimal Control

9. Introduction
10. Problem Statement and Optimality
11. Regular Optimal Trajectories
12. Examples of Extremal Control
13. Some Generalizations
14. Special Systems
15. Sufficient Conditions
16. Feedback Control
17. Optimization with Vector - Valued Cost