Book:George Pólya/Problems and Theorems in Analysis II

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George Pólya and Gábor Szegő: Problems and Theorems in Analysis II

Published $\text {1925}$, Springer

ISBN 3-540-63686-2 (translated by C.E. Billigheimer)

Subject Matter


Notation and Abbreviations

Part Four. Functions of One Complex Variable. Special Part
Chapter 1. Maximum Term and Central Index, Maximum Modulus and Number of Zeros
Chapter 2. Schlicht Mappings
Chapter 3. Miscellaneous Problems

Part Five. The Location of Zeros
Chapter 1. Rolle's Theorem and Descartes' Rule of Signs
Chapter 2. The Geometry of the Complex Plane and the Zeros of Polynomials
Chapter 3. Miscellaneous Problems

Part Six. Polynomials and Trigonometric Polynomials

Part Seven. Determinants and Quadratic Forms

Part Eight. Number Theory
Chapter 1. Arithmetical Functions
Chapter 2. Polynomials with Integral Coefficients and Integral-Valued Functions
Chapter 3. Arithmetical Aspects of Power Series
Chapter 4. Some Problems on Algebraic Integers
Chapter 5. Miscellaneous Problems

Part Nine. Geometric Problems