Book:Harry J. Lipkin/Lie Groups for Pedestrians/Second Edition

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Harry J. Lipkin: Lie Groups for Pedestrians, 2nd ed.

Published $1966$, Dover Publications

ISBN 0-486-45326-X.

Subject Matter


Preface to First Edition
Preface to Second Edition
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Isospin. A Simple Example
Chapter 3 The Group $\SU 3$ and its Application to Elementary Particles
Chapter 4 The Three-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
Chapter 5 Algebras of Operators which Change the Number of Particles
Chapter 6 Permutations, Bookkeeping and Young Diagrams
Chapter 7 The Groups $\SU 4$, $\SU 6$ and $\SU {12}$, an Introduction to Groups of Higher Rank
A. Construction of the $\SU 3$ multiplets by combining sakaton triplets
B. Calculations of $\SU 3$ using an $\SU 2$ subgroup: $U$-spin
C. Experimental predictions from the octet model of unitary symmetry
D. Phases, a perennial headache
Subject Index