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Harry Lindgren: Geometric Dissections

Published $\text {1964}$, D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc.

Subject Matter


1. Introductory
2. $P$-Strips and $PP$ Dissections
3. More $PP$ Dissections
4. $T$-Strips and $PT$ Dissections
5. $TT$ Dissections
6. Piecemeal Dissections
7. Strips from Tessellations $\text I$
8. Triangles and Quadrilaterals
9. Dissections from Tessellations $\text I$
10. Classifications
11. Dissections from Tessellations $\text {II}$
12. Completing the Tessellation
13. Strips from Tessellations $\text {II}$
14. Rational Dissections
15. The Heptagon
16. The Nine-gon
17. The Decagon
18. Rectilinear Letters
19. Stars
20. More Stars
21. E Pluribus Unum
22. Three-Figure Dissections
23. Curvilinear Dissections
24. Solid Dissections
A. Problems for Solution
B. Drawings of Polygons, Etc.
C. Dimensions of Polygons
D. Solutions of Problems
E. List of Dissections
F. Sources and Credits
G. Recent Progress

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