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Henry Thomas Colebrooke: Algebra, with Arithmetic and Mensuration: from the Sanscrit of Brahmegupta and Bhascara

Published $\text {1817}$, John Murray

Subject Matter


$\text A$. Scholiasts of Bhascara
$\text B$. Astronomy of Brahmegupta
$\text C$. Brahma-Sidd'hanta, Title of his Astronomy
$\text D$. Verification of his Text
$\text E$. Chronology of Astronautical Authorities, according to Astronomers of Ujjayani
$\text F$. Age of Brahmegupta, from astronomical data
$\text G$. Aryabhatta's Doctrine
$\text H$. (Reference from p. ix. l.21.) Soundness of Additions by later Writers on Algebra
$\text I$. Age of Aryabhatta
$\text K$. Writings and Age of Varaha-Mihira
$\text L$. Introduction and Progress of Algebra among the Italians
$\text M$. Arithmetics of Diophantus
$\text N$. Progress and Proficiency of the Arabians in Algebra
$\text O$. Communication of the Hindus with Western Nations on Astrology and Astronomy

ARITHMETIC (Lilavati.)
Chapter $\text {I}$. Introduction. Axioms. Weights and Measures
Chapter $\text {II}$.
Sect. $\textit {I}$. Invocation. Numeration
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Eight operations of Arithmetic: Addition, &c.
Sect. $\textit {III}$. Fractions
Sect. $\textit {IV}$. Cipher
Chapter $\text {III}$. Miscellaneous
Sect. $\textit {I}$. Inversion
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Supposition
Sect. $\textit {III}$. Concurrence
Sect. $\textit {IV}$. Problem concerning Squares
Sect. $\textit {V}$. Assimilation
Sect. $\textit {VI}$. Rule of Proportion
Chapter $\text {IV}$. Mixture
Sect. $\textit {I}$. Interest
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Fractions
Sect. $\textit {III}$. Purchase and Sale
Sect. $\textit {IV}$. A Problem
Sect. $\textit {V}$. Alligation
Sect. $\textit {VI}$. Permutation and Combination
Chapter $\text {V}$. Progressions
Sect. $\textit {I}$. Arithmetical
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Geometrical
Chapter $\text {VI}$. Plane Figure
Chapter $\text {VII}$. Excavations and Content of Solids
Chapter $\text {VIII}$. Stacks
Chapter $\text {IX}$. Saw
Chapter $\text {X}$. Mound of Grain
Chapter $\text {XI}$. Shadow of a Gnomon
Chapter $\text {XII}$. Pulverizer (Cultaca)
Chapter $\text {XIII}$. Combination

ALGEBRA (Vija-ganita.)
Chapter $\text {I}$.
Sect. $\textit {I}$. Invocation, &c.
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Algebra of Negative and Affirmative Quantities
Sect. $\textit {III}$. ------ of Cipher
Sect. $\textit {IV}$. ------ of Unknown Quantity
Sect. $\textit {V}$. ------ of Surds
Chapter $\text {II}$. Pulverizer
Chapter $\text {III}$. Affected Square
Sect. $\textit {I}$
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Cyclic Method
Sect. $\textit {III}$. Miscellaneous
Chapter $\text {IV}$. Simple Equation
Chapter $\text {V}$. Quadratic, &c. Equations
Chapter $\text {VI}$. Multiliteral Equations
Chapter $\text {VII}$. Varieties of Quadratics
Chapter $\text {VIII}$. Equation involving a Factum of Unknown Quantities
Chapter $\text {IX}$. Conclusion

CHAPTER $\text {XII}$. ARITHMETIC (Ganita)
Sect. $\textit {I}$. Algorithm
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Mixture
Sect. $\textit {III}$. Progression
Sect. $\textit {IV}$. Plane Figure
Sect. $\textit {V}$. Excavations
Sect. $\textit {VI}$. Stacks
Sect. $\textit {VII}$. Saw
Sect. $\textit {VIII}$. Mound of Grain
Sect. $\textit {IX}$. Measure by Shadow
Sect. $\textit {X}$. Supplement

CHAPTER $\text {XIII}$. ALGEBRA (Cultaca.)
Sect. $\textit {I}$. Pulverizer
Sect. $\textit {II}$. Algorithm
Sect. $\textit {III}$. Simple Equation
Sect. $\textit {IV}$. Quadratic Equation
Sect. $\textit {V}$. Equation of several unknowns
Sect. $\textit {VI}$. Equation involving a factum
Sect. $\textit {VII}$. Square affected by coefficient
Sect. $\textit {VIII}$. Problems