Book:Hermann Weyl/The Continuum: A Critical Examination of the Foundation of Analysis

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Hermann Weyl: The Continuum: A Critical Examination of the Foundation of Analysis

Published $\text {1918}$, Dover Publications

ISBN 0-486-67982-9 (translated by Stephen Pollard and Thomas Bole)

Translated from:

Das Kontinuum

Subject Matter


Foreword (by John Archibald Wheeler)
Introduction (by Stephen Pollard)
Preface to the 1932 Reprint
Chapter 1: Set and Function
Logical Section
$\S 1$. Property, Relation, Existence
$\S 2$. The Principles of the Combination of Judgments
$\S 3$. Logical Inference. Axiomatic Method
Mathematical Section
$\S 4$. Sets
$\S 5$. The Natural Numbers: Richard's Antinomy
$\S 6$. Iteration of the Mathematical Process
The circulus vitiosus of Analysis
$\S 7$. Principles of Substitution & Iteration
$\S 8$. Definitive Formulation of the Foundations.
Introduction of Ideal Elements
Chapter 2: The Concept of Number & The Continuum
$\S 1$. Natural Numbers and Cardinalities
$\S 2$. Fractions and Rational Numbers
$\S 3$. Real Numbers
$\S 4$. Sequences, Convergence Principle
$\S 5$. Continuous Functions
$\S 6$. The Intuitive and The Mathematical Continuum
$\S 7$. Magnitudes and Their Measures
$\S 8$. Curves and Surfaces