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James Pryde and Walter F. Robinson: Chambers's Seven-Figure Mathematical Tables (Latest Edition)

Published $\text {1930}$, W. & R. Chambers, Limited

Subject Matter

  • Mathematical tables


Note to Present Edition
Logarithms of Numbers, $1$ to $108000$
Reduction of Common to Napierian Logarithms
Reduction of Napierian to Common Logarithms
Logarithmic Sines, Tangents and Secants
Angles contained by the Meridian with every Point and Quarter-Point of the Compass
Logarithmic Sines, Tangents, &c. to every Point and Quarter-Point of the Compass
Areas of the Segments of a Circle
Circular Measures of Angles
Natural Sines, Cosines, Versed Sines, Chords, &c.
Natural Tangents
Natural Secants
Traverse Table, or Difference of Latitude and Departure
Equation of Equal Altitudes
Diurnal Proportional Logarithms
Ternary Proportional Logarithms
Semi-diurnal and Semi-nocturnal Arcs
Meridional Parts
Apparent Depression of the Horizon
Dip of the Sea at Different Distances from the Observer
Contraction of the Semi-diameters of the Sun and Moon
Reduction of the Moon's Equatorial Parallax
Mean Refraction
Correction of Mean Refraction
Sun's Parallax in Altitude
Bessel's Refractions
Correction of the Moon's Meridional Passage
Augmentation of the Moon's Semi-diameter
Mutual Conversion of Sidereal and Mean Time
Reduction of Degrees to Time
Reduction of Time to Degrees
Motion of Mean Sun for Periods of Mean Time
Distance of the Visible Horizon
Reduction of the Moon's Horizontal Parallax and Semi-diameter to any given Greenwich Date
Binomial Coefficients for Interpolation by Differences
Links to be Subtracted from each Chain in an Ascending or Descending Line, to reduce it to the Horizontal Projection
Height of Apparent above True Level
Areas, Apothems, and Angles of Polygons
Quarter Squares, Nos. $1$ to $5100$
Conversion of the different Thermometric Scales
Numbers often used in Calculation