Book:Joan Gómez Urgellés/When Straight Lines become Curves

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Joan Gómez Urgellés: When Straight Lines become Curves: Non-Euclidean geometry

Published $\text {2017}$, National Geographic

ISBN 978-84-473-8767-0

National Geographic "Our Mathematical World" series: $4$



Chapter 1. A Taxi Ride
Chapter 2. Euclidean Geometry
Chapter 3. Competing with Euclid
Chapter 4. The Establishment of Non-Euclidean Geometry
Chapter 5. The Surprising Results of Hyperbolic Geometry
Chapter 6. Contributions to Elliptical Geometry
Chapter 7. Geometry of the Earth
Chapter 8. Geometry in the $21$st Century

Appendix: The Theory of Relativity and the New Geometries