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Johannes Kepler: Astronomia Nova

Published $\text {1609}$
Full title:

Astronomia Nova ΑΙΤΙΟΛΟΓΗΤΟΣ seu physica coelestis, tradita commentariis de motibus stellae Martis ex observationibus G.V. Tychonis Brahe

In English:

New Astronomy, Based upon Causes, or Celestial Physics, Treated by Means of Commentaries on the Motions of the Star Mars, from the Observations of Tycho Brahe, Gent.

Subject Matter


Notable Quotes

What matters to me is not merely to impart to the reader what I have to say, but above all to convey to him the reasons, subterfuges, and lucky hazards which led me to my discoveries. When Christopher Columbus, Magellan and the Portuguese relate how they went astray on their journeys, we not only forgive them, but would regret to miss their narration because without it the whole grand entertainment would be lost. Hence I shall not be blamed if, prompted by the same affection for the reader, I follow the same method.
-- from the Preface

Critical View

... the Astronomia Nova was an enormous tome in which the important new ideas were unfortunately buried almost out of sight among long accounts of Kepler's many fruitless hypotheses and blind alleys, which he took peculiar pleasure in describing.
-- George F. Simmons: Calculus Gems