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John H. Conway: On Numbers And Games

Published $\text {1976}$, A K Peters, Ltd.

ISBN 1-56881-127-6

Subject Matter


Zeroth Part ... On Numbers
Chapter 0: All Numbers Great and Small
Chapter 1: The Class No is a Field
Chapter 2: The Real and Ordinal Numbers
Chapter 3: The Structure of the General Surreal Number
Chapter 4: Algebra and Analysis of Numbers
Chapter 5: Number Theory in the Land of Oz
Chapter 6: The Curious Field On2
Appendix to Part Zero
First Part ... and Games
Chapter 7: Playing Several Games at Once
Chapter 8: Some Games are Already Numbers
Chapter 9: On Games and Numbers
Chapter 10: Simplifying Games
Chapter 11: Impartial Games and the Game of Nim
Chapter 12: How to Lose when you Must
Chapter 13: Animating Functions, Welter's Game and Hackenbush Unrestrained
Chapter 14: How to Play Several Games at Once in a Dozen Different Ways
Chapter 15: Ups, Downs and Bynumbers
Chapter 16: The Long and the Short and the Small

Further Editions