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John Jackson: Rational Amusement for Winter Evenings; Or, a Collection of above 200 Curious and Interesting Puzzles and Paradoxes relating to Arithmetic, Geometry, Geography &c. With Their Solution, And Four Plates. Designed chiefly for Young Persons.

Published $\text {1821}$, Longman

Subject matter


A Collection of Curious Puzzles
Arithmetical Puzzles
Magic Squares
Curious Arithmetical Questions
Geometrical Puzzles
Trees Planted in Rows
Geographical Paradoxes
A Key to the Collection of Curious Puzzles
A Key to the Arithmetical Puzzles
A Key to the Magic Squares
A Key to the Curious Arithmetical Questions Requiring regular Calculation
A Key to the Geometrical Puzzles
A Key to Trees Planted in Rows
A Key to the Geographical Paradoxes

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