Book:Kurt Arbenz/Advanced Mathematics for Practicing Engineers

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Kurt Arbenz and Alfred Wohlhauser: Advanced Mathematics for Practicing Engineers

Published $\text {1986}$, Artech House

ISBN 0-89006-189-0

Subject Matter


Preface (Lausanne, April 1986)
Part I: Numerical Methods
Chapter 1: The Least-Squares Method
Chapter 2: Solution of Equations by Iterative Methods
Chapter 3: Difference Equations
Chapter 4: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Chapter 5: Polynomial Interpolation
Chapter 6: Solution of Differential Equations by Graphical and Numerical Methods
Part II: Vector Analysis
Chapter 7: Vector Differentiation and Differential Operators
Chapter 8: Space Curves and Line Integrals
Chapter 9: Surfaces and Surface Integrals
Chapter 10: Divergence Theorem, Gradient Theorem, and Green's Theorem
Chapter 11: Stokes' Theorem and Applications
Chapter 12: Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates
Part III: Analytical Methods for Solving Differential Equations
Chapter 13: Fourier Series and Applications
Chapter 14: Fourier Transform and Applications
Chapter 15: Laplace Transform and Applications
Chapter 16: Introduction to the Calculus of Variations
Part IV: Complex Variables
Chapter 17: Elementary Function of a Complex Variable
Chapter 18: Analytic Functions
Chapter 19: Complex Integrals
Chapter 20: Cauchy's Integral Formula and Applications
Chapter 21: Integration by the Method of Residues