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L. Harwood Clarke: Fun with Figures

Published $\text {1954}$, William Heinemann Ltd.


Section $\text {I} \quad$ Brain Teasers
Section $\text {II} \quad$ Counting the Odds
Section $\text {III} \quad$ The Juicy Coconut
Section $\text {IV} \quad$ Some Odd Properties of Numbers
Section $\text {V} \quad$ Observation Tests
Section $\text {VI} \quad$ Crossword Puzzles
Section $\text {VII} \quad$ A Few Absurdities
Section $\text {VIII} \quad$ Bridge Problems
Section $\text {IX} \quad$ The Mathematics of Bridge
Section $\text {X} \quad$ Mr. Slumber's Afternoon
Section $\text {XI} \quad$ Sort Them Out
Section $\text {XII} \quad$ Cards, Matchsticks and Draughts
Section $\text {XIII} \quad$ Doing the Chores
Section $\text {XIV} \quad$ Brush Up Your Long Division
Section $\text {XV} \quad$ Code Corner
Section $\text {XVI} \quad$ Take Another Chance
Section $\text {XVII} \quad$ Miscellaneous

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