Book:M.B. Glauert/Principles of Dynamics

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M.B. Glauert: Principles of Dynamics

Published $\text {1960}$, Routledge & Kegan Paul.

Subject Matter


1. Vector Algebra
1.1 Definition of a vector
1.2 Properties of a vector
1.3 The scalar product
1.4 The vector product
1.5 Triple products
1.6 Differentiation and integration
1.7 Relative velocity, angular velocity
1.8 Forces and moments
2. Dynamics of a Particle
2.1 The nature of dynamics
2.2 Newton's laws
2.3 Momentum, angular momentum, energy
2.4 Accelerating frames of reference
2.5 Rotating frames of reference
2.6 Polar co-ordinates
2.7 Motion under a central force
3. Dynamics of a System
3.1 Momentum
3.2 Angular momentum
3.3 Impulsive motion
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