Book:M.N. Aref/Problems & Solutions in Euclidean Geometry

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M.N. Aref and William Wernick: Problems & Solutions in Euclidean Geometry

Published $\text {1968}$, Dover Publications

ISBN 0-486-47720-7

Subject Matter


Preface (January, 1968)
Symbols Employed in this Book
CHAPTER 1 $\sim$ Triangles and Polygons
CHAPTER 2 $\sim$ Areas, Squares and Rectangles
CHAPTER 3 $\sim$ Circles and Tangency
CHAPTER 4 $\sim$ Ratio and Proportion
CHAPTER 5 $\sim$ Loci and Transversals
CHAPTER 6 $\sim$ Geometry of Lines and Rays
CHAPTER 7 $\sim$ Geometry of the Circle
CHAPTER 8 $\sim$ Space Geometry


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