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M. Russell WehrJames A. Richards, Jr. and Thomas W. Adair, III: Physics of the Atom (4th Edition)

Published $\text {1984}$, Narosa Publishing House

ISBN 81-85015-60-0

Subject Matter


1: The Atomic View of Matter
2: The Atomic View of Electricity
3: The Atomic View of Radiation
4: The Atomic Models of Rutherford and Bohr
5: Relativity
6: X-Rays
7: Waves and Particles
8: Quantum Mechanics
9: The Atomic View of Solids
10: Natural Radioactivity
11: Nuclear Reactions and Artificial Radioactivity
12: Nuclear Energy
13: High-Energy Physics
Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems
Suggested Exercises

Further Editions