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Mariano Giaquinta and Stefan Hildebrandt: Calculus of Variations I: The Lagrangian Formalism

Published $\text {2004}$, Springer - Verlag

ISBN 978-3540506256

Subject Matter


Part I. The First Variation and Necessary Conditions

Chapter 1. The First Variation
Chapter 2. Variational Problems with Subsidiary Conditions
Chapter 3. General Variational Formulas

Part II. The Second Variation and Sufficient Conditions

Chapter 4. Second Variation, Excess Function, Convexity
Chapter 5. Weak Minimizers and Jacobi Theory
Chapter 6. Weierstrass Field Theory for One-Dimensional Integrals and Strong Minimizers

Supplement. Some Facts from Differential Geometry and Analysis

A List of Examples


Subject Index