Book:Martin Gardner/Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science

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Martin Gardner: Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science

Published $\text {1957}$, Dover Publications, Inc.

ISBN 0-486-20394-8.


Preface to Second Edition (1956)
1. In the Name of Science
2. Flat and Hollow
3. Monsters of Doom
4. The Forteans
5. Flying Saucers
6. Zig-Zag-and-Swirl
7. Down with Einstein!
8. Sir Isaac Babson
9. Dowsing Rods and Doodlebugs
10. Under the Microscope
11. Geology versus Genesis
12. Lysenkoism
13. Apologists for Hate
14. Atlantis and Lemuria
15. The Great Pyramid
16. Medical Cults
17. Medical Quacks
18. Food Faddists
19. Throw Away Your Glasses!
20. Eccentric Sexual Theories
21. Orgonomy
22. Dianetics
23. General Semantics, Etc.
24. From Bumps to Handwriting
25. ESP and PK
26. Bridey Murphy and Other Matters
Appendix and Notes
Index of Names

Further Editions