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Martin Gardner: Mathematical Carnival

Published $\text {1975}$, Pelican.


1. Sprouts and Brussels Sprouts
2. Penny Puzzles
3. Aleph-null and Aleph-one
4. Hypercubes
5. Magic Stars and Polyhedrons
6. Calculating Prodigies
7. Tricks of Lightning Calculators
8. The Art of M. C. Escher
9. The Red-Faced Cube and Other Problems
10. Card Shuffles
11. Mrs. Perkins' Quilt and Other Square-Packing Problems
12. The Numerology of Dr. Fliess
13. Random Numbers
14. The Rising Hourglass and Other Physics Puzzles
15. Pascal's Triangle
16. Jam, Hot and Other Games
17. Cooks and Quibble-Cooks
18. Piet Hein's Superellipse
19. How to Trisect an Angle