Book:Martin Gardner/Unexpected Hangings, and Other Mathematical Diversions

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Martin Gardner: Further Mathematical Diversions

Published $\text {1969}$

Subject matter


1 The Paradox of the Unexpected Hanging
2 Knots and Borromean Rings
3 The Transcendental Number $e$
4 Geometric Dissections
5 Scarne on Gambling
6 The Church of the Fourth Dimension
7 Eight Problems
8 A Matchbox Game-Learning Machine
9 Spirals
10 Rotations and Reflections
11 Peg Solitaire
12 Flatlands
13 Chicago Magic Convention
14 Tests of Divisibility
15 Nine Problems
16 The Eight Queens and Other Chessboard Diversions
17 A Loop of String
18 Curves of Constant Width
19 Rep-Tiles: Replicating Figures on the Plane
20 Thirty-seven Catch Questions

Further Editions