Book:Maurice Kraitchik/Mathematical Recreations/Second Edition

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Maurice Kraitchik: Mathematical Recreations (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1960}$, George Allen & Unwin Ltd


Chapter One. Mathematics Without Numbers
Chapter Two. Ancient and Curious Problems
Arabian Problems -- Reapportionment by Decanting
Hindu Problems
Chapter Three. Numerical Pastimes
1. Miscellaneous Problems
2. Scales of Notation
3. To Guess a Selected Number
4. Figurate Numbers
5. Mersenne Numbers and Perfect Numbers
6. Fermat Numbers
7. Cyclic Numbers
8. Automorphic Numbers
9. Prime Numbers
10. Multigrade
11. Cryptarithmetic
12. Arithmetical Games
13. Josephus' Problem
Chapter Four. Arithmetico-Geometrical Questions
Chapter Five. The Calendar
Chapter Six. Probabilities
Chapter Seven. Magic Squares
1. Definitions
2. Transformations
3. Magic Squares of the Third Order
4. Elementary Methods of Construction
5. Lattices
6. Regular Magic Squares of Odd Order
7. Border Squares
8. Composite Magic Squares
9. Panmagic Squares
10. Multimagic Squares
11. Latin Squares
12. Euler (Graeco-Latin Squares)
13. Magic Squares of Order 4
Chapter Eight. Geometric Recreations
1. Dissection of Plane Figures
2. Mosaics
3. A Mosaic on the Sphere
4. Topology
Chapter Nine. Permutational Problems
1. Difficult Crossings
2. Shunting Problems
3. Distributions
4. Matches and Tournaments
Chapter Ten. The Problem of the Queens
1. The Linear Permutations of $n$ Different Things
2. The Problem of the Rooks
3. The Problem of the Queens
Chapter Eleven. The Problem of the Knight
Chapter Twelve. Games
1. Positional Games
2. Permutational Games