Book:Max Born/Atomic Physics/Seventh Edition

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Max Born: Atomic Physics (7th Edition)

Published $\text {1962}$ (translated by John Dougall)
Translated from:

Moderne Physik

Subject Matter


Preface to the Seventh Edition
Chapter $\text {I}$ Kinetic Theory of Gases
Chapter $\text {II}$ Elementary Particles
Chapter $\text {III}$ The Nuclear Atom
Chapter $\text {IV}$ Wave-Corpuscles
Chapter $\text {V}$ Atomic Structure and Spectral Lines
Chapter $\text {VI}$ Spin of the Electron and Pauli's Principle
Chapter $\text {VII}$ Nuclear Physics
Chapter $\text {VIII}$ Quantum Statistics
Chapter $\text {IX}$ Molecular Structure

Further Editions

Translated by John Dougall: