Book:Morris Kline/Mathematics in Western Culture

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Morris Kline: Mathematics in Western Culture

Published $\text {1953}$, Oxford University Press

Subject Matter

  • History of Mathematics


I. Introduction. True and False Conceptions
II. The Rule of Thumb in Mathematics
III. The Birth of the Mathematical Spirit
IV. The Elements of Euclid
V. Placing a Yardstick to the Stars
VI. Nature Acquires Reason
VII. Interlude
VIII. Renewal of the Mathematical Spirit
IX. The Harmony of the World
X. Painting and Perspective
XI. Projective Geometry
XII. A Discourse on Method
XIII. The Quantitative Approach to Nature
XIV. The Deduction of Universal Laws
XV. The Calculus
XVI. Science and Philosophy
XVII. Religion
XVIII. Literature and Aesthetics
XIX. The Sine of G Major
XX. Mastery of the Ether Waves
XXI. The Science of Human Nature
XXII. The Statistical Approach to the Study of Man
XXIII. Prediction and Probability
XXIV. The Statistical View of Nature
XXV. The Paradoxes of the Infinite
XXVI. New Geometries New Worlds
XXVII. The Theory of Relativity
XXVIII. Method and Art
Selected References