Book:Nik Weaver/Forcing for Mathematicians

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Nik Weaver: Forcing for Mathematicians

Published $\text {2014}$, World Scientific

ISBN 978-981-4566-00-1

Subject Matter


Peano Arithmetic
Zermelo–Fraenkel Set Theory
Well-Ordered Sets
Forcing Notions
Generic Extensions
Forcing Equality
The Fundamental Theorem
Forcing $CH$
Forcing $\lnot CH$
Families of Entire Functions
Self-Homeomorphisms of $\beta \N \divides \N$, $\text I$
Pure States on $\map B H$
The Diamond Principle
Suslin's Problem, $\text I$
Naimark's problem
A Stronger Diamond
Whitehead's Problem, $\text I$
Iterated Forcing
Martin's Axiom
Suslin's Problem, $\text {II}$
Whitehead's Problem, $\text {II}$
The Open Coloring Axiom
Self-Homeomorphisms of $\beta \N \divides \N$, $\text {II}$
Automorphisms of the Calkin Algebra, $\text I$
Automorphisms of the Calkin Algebra, $\text {II}$
The Multiverse Interpretation