Book:Oswald Veblen/Projective Geometry/Volume 1

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Oswald Veblen and John Wesley Young: Projective Geometry, Volume $\text { 1 }$

Published $\text {1910}$, Ginn and Company.

Subject Matter


CHAPTER I. Theorems of Alignment and the Principle of Duality
CHAPTER II. Projection, Section, Perspectivity, Elementary Configurations
CHAPTER III. Projectivities of the Primitive Geometric Forms of One, Two, and Three Dimensions
CHAPTER IV. Harmonic Constructions and the Fundamental Theorem of Projective Geometry
CHAPTER V. Conic Sections
CHAPTER VI. Algebra of Points and One-Dimensional Co├Ârdinate Systems
CHAPTER VII. Co├Ârdinate Systems in Two- and Three-Dimensional Forms
CHAPTER VIII. Projectivities in One-Dimensional Forms
CHAPTER IX. Geometric Constructions. Invariants
CHAPTER X. Projective Transformations of Two-Dimensional Forms
CHAPTER XI. Families of Lines