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P. Abbott: Teach Yourself Calculus

Published $\text {1946}$, English Universities Press Ltd.

Subject Matter


I. Functions
II. Variations in Functions. Limits
III. Rate of Change of a Function. Gradients
IV. Differential Coefficient. Differentiation
V. Some Rules for Differentiation
VI. Maxima and Minima Values. Points of Inflexion
VII. Differentiation of the Trigonometric Functions
VIII. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
IX. Hyperbolic Functions
X. Integration. Standard Integrals
XI. Some Elementary Methods of Integration
XII. Integration of Algebraic Fractions
XIII. Areas by Integral Calculus. Definite Integrals
XIV. Integration as a Summation. Areas
XV. The Lengths of Curves
XVI. Soilds of Revolution. Volumes and Areas of Surfaces
XVII. Uses of Integration in Mechanics
XVIII. Partial Differentiation
XIX. Series. Taylor's and Maclaurin's Theorems
XX. Elementary Differential Equations
Standard and Useful Integrals