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Pappus of Alexandria: Collection

Published $\text {c. 340}$

Subject Matter

  • A compendium of the state of mathematics as it was known as the time.


Book I is lost.
Book II (the first part of which is lost) concerned the multiplication system of Apollonius of Perga.
Book III contains geometrical problems.
Book IV contains deep theorems concerning circles and other more complicated curved geometrical figures.
Book V contains solid geometry, taking as its starting point the five Platonic solids.
Book VI resolves difficulties in various "lesser astronomical works" (i.e. others than Claudius Ptolemy's Almagest), including Euclid's Optics and Phaenomena.
Book VII discusses books by various authors: Euclid, Apollonius, Aristaeus and Eratosthenes.
Book VIII is mainly mechanics, but there are some theorems of pure geometry as well.

Also known as

In the original Greek: Synagoge (Συναγωγή).

Also referred to as Mathematical Collection