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Paul Hoffman: The Man Who Loved Only Numbers

Published $\text {1998}$, Hermann

ISBN 0-7868-8406-1.

Subtitle: The Story of Paul Erdős and the Search for Mathematical Truth

Subject Matter


$0$: The Two-and-a-Half-Billion-Year-Old Man
$1$: Straight from the Book
$2$: Epszi's Enigma
$e$: Problems with Sam and Joe
$3$: Einstein vs. Dostoyevsky
$\pi$: Dr. Worst Case
$4$: Marginal Revenge
$5$: "God Made the Integers"
$6$: Getting the Goat
$7$: Survivors' Party
$\infty$: "We Mathematicians are All a Little Bit Crazy"
Acknowledgments and Source Notes