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R. Wesley (ed.): Mathematics For All

Published $\text {1954}$, Odhams Press

Subject Matter


1 What Mathematics Is, by R. Wesley, B.Sc.
2 The Language of Mathematics, by G.C.T. Bowen, B.Sc.
(a) Arithmetic: Doing it by Numbers
(b) Algebra: Symbols are Time-savers
(c) Geometry: Lines, Shapes and Angles
(d) Trigonometry: A Development of Geometry
(e) Graphs Turn Numbers into Pictures
(f) How the Calculus Helps Us
3 What the Rest of the Book is About, by R. Wesley, B.Sc.
4 The Mathematics of Travel, by I.R. Vesselo, M.Ed., B.Sc.
5 Number and Form in Nature, by R.W. Webster, M.A.
6 Mathematics of the Builder and Handyman, by A.G.G. Richards, B.Sc.
7 Heating and Water in the Home, by A.G.G. Richards, B.Sc.
8 Mechanics for the Layman, by A.G.G. Richards, B.Sc.
9 Bicycles and Motor-cars, by A.G.G. Richards, B.Sc.
10 The Mathematics of Electricity, by A.G.G. Richards, B.Sc.
11 Chance in Games and Sports, by G.C.T. Bowen, B.Sc.
12 Mathematics for the Citizen, by I.R. Vesselo, M.Ed., B.Sc.
Solutions of Teasers and Problems