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Sir Thomas L. Heath: Diophantus of Alexandria: A Study in the History of Greek Algebra (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1910}$, Cambridge University Press

Subject Matter

The works of Diophantus of Alexandria, with commentary and supplements.


Chapter $\text {I}$. Diophantus and his Works
Chapter $\text {II}$. The MSS. of and writers on Diophantus
Chapter $\text {III}$. Notation and definitions of Diophantus
Chapter $\text {IV}$. Diophantus' methods of solution
Chapter $\text {V}$. The Porisms and other assumptions in Diophantus
Chapter $\text {VI}$. The place of Diophantus

The Arithmetica
Book $\text {I}$.
Book $\text {II}$.
Book $\text {III}$.
Book $\text {IV}$.
Book $\text {V}$.
Book $\text {VI}$.
On Polygonal Numbers
Conspectus of the Arithmetica

Sections $\text {I} - \text {V}$. Notes, Theorems and Problems by Fermat.
$\text {I}$. On numbers separable into integral squares
$\text {II}$. Equation $x^2 - A y^2 = 1$
$\text {III}$. Theorems and Problems on rational right-angled triangles
$\text {IV}$. Other problems by Fermat
$\text {V}$. Fermat's Triple-equations
Section $\text {VI}$. Some solutions by Euler

$\text {I}$. Greek
$\text {II}$. English

Further Editions