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Sir Thomas L. Heath: Euclid: The Thirteen Books of The Elements, Volume $\text { 1 }$

Published $\text {1908}$


Preface (November, 1908)

Chap. I. Euclid and the traditions about him
Chap. II. Euclid's other works
Chap. III. Greek commentators other than Proclus
Chap. IV. Proclus and his sources
Chap. V. The Text
Chap. VI. The Scholia
Chap. VII. Euclid in Arabia
Chap. VIII. Principal translations and editions
Chap. IX.
$\S 1$. On the nature of Elements
$\S 2$. Elements anterior to Euclid's
$\S 3$. First principles: Definitions, Postulates and Axioms
$\S 4$. Theorems and Problems
$\S 5$. The formal divisions of a proposition
$\S 6$. Other technical terms
$\S 7$. The definitions
The Elements
Book I.
Definitions, Postulates, Common Notions
Notes on Definitions etc.
Book II.
Notes on geometric algebra
Excursus I. Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans
Excursus II. Popular Names for Euclidean Propositions
Greek Index to Vol. I.
English Index to Vol. I.

Further Editions