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Stephen Hawking: The Universe in a Nutshell

Published $\text {2001}$, Bantam

ISBN 0-593-04815-6

Subject Matter


CHAPTER 1 - A Brief History of Relativity
How Einstein laid the foundations of the two fundamental theories of the twentieth century: general relativity and quantum theory.
CHAPTER 2 - The Shape of Time
Einstein's general relativity gives time a shape. How this can be reconciled with quantum theory.
CHAPTER 3 - The Universe in a Nutshell
The universe has multiple histories, each of which is determined by a tiny nut.
CHAPTER 4 - Predicting the Future
How the loss of information in black holes may reduce our ability to predict the future.
CHAPTER 5 - Protecting the Past
Is time travel possible? Could an advanced civilisation go back and change the past?
CHAPTER 6 - Our Future? Star Trek or Not?
How biological and electronic life will go on developing in complexity at an ever increasing rata.
CHAPTER 7 - Brane New World
Do we live in a brane or are we just holograms?
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