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Stephen Wolfram: Cellular Automata and Complexity: Collected Papers

Published $\text {1994}$, Westview Press

ISBN 0-201-62664-0

Subject Matter


PART ONE: Primary Papers
Statistical Mechanics of Cellular Automata
Algebraic Properties of Cellular Automata
Universality and Complexity in Cellular Automata
Computation Theory of Cellular Automata
Undecidability and Intractability in Theoretical Physics
Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Origins of Randomness in Physical Systems
Thermodynamics and Hydrodynamics of Cellular Automata
Random Sequence Generation by Cellular Automata
Approaches to Complexity Engineering
Minimal Cellular Automaton Approximations to Continuum System
Cellular Automaton Fluids: Basic Theory
PART TWO: Additional and Survey Papers
Cellular Automata
Computers in Science and Mathematics
Geometry of Binomial Coefficients
Twenty Problems in the Theory of Cellular Automata
Cryptography with Cellular Automata
Complex Systems Theory
Cellular Automaton Supercomputing
PART THREE: Appendices
Tables of Cellular Automaton Properties
Scientific Bibliography of Stephen Wolfram