Book:Tom M. Apostol/Calculus Volume 1

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Tom M. Apostol: Calculus Volume 1

Published $\text {1967}$, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Subject Matter


1. Introduction

Part 1: Historical Introduction
Part 2: Some Basic Concepts of the Theory of Sets
Part 3: A Set of Axioms for the Real-Number System
Part 4: Mathematical Induction, Summation Notation, and Related Topics

$\S 1$ The Concepts of Integral Calculus

$\S 2$ Some Applications of Integration

$\S 3$ Continuous Functions

$\S 4$ Differential Calculus

$\S 5$ The Relation between Integration and Differentiation

$\S 6$ The Logarithm, the Exponential, and the Inverse Trigonometrical Functions

$\S 7$ Polynomial Approximations to Functions

$\S 8$ Introduction to Differential Equations

$\S 9$ Complex Numbers

$\S 10$ Sequences, Infinite Series, and Improper Integrals

$\S 11$ Sequences and Series of Functions

$\S 12$ Vector Algebra

$\S 13$ Applications of Vector Algebra to Analytic Geometry

$\S 14$ Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions

$\S 15$ Linear Spaces

$\S 16$ Linear Transformations and Matrices