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Vera Sanford: A Short History of Mathematics

Published $\text {1929}$, Houghton Mifflin Company

Subject Matter


Introduction (David Eugene Smith)
$\text {I}$. Men Who Made Mathematics
$\text {II}$. Arithmetic
$\text {III}$. Commercial Mathematics
$\text {IV}$. Algebra
$\text {V}$. Verbal Problems
$\text {VI}$. Practical Geometry
$\text {VII}$. Demonstrative Geometry
$\text {VIII}$. Trigonometry
$\text {IX}$. Analytic Geometry
$\text {X}$. Calculus
$\text {XI}$. Theory of Numbers
$\text {XII}$. Calculating Devices
$\text {XIII}$. Weights and Measures
$\text {XIV}$. The Place of Mathematics in the School Curriculum
General Histories of Mathematics
Chronological Outline

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